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    Disappointed in iOS 7
    I'm a longtime Apple user...can't beat them. I have a new iPhone that I really like. I downloaded the new iOS 7 on my wives phone yesterday. Man...what have they done? It's ugly, plain, horrible looking. For years I have bought Apple products because they work great...are dependable...and are VISUALLY BEAUTIFUL. They look like something that you would pay a high premium to own. This new os is just too drab and ugly. And to my surprise...even the apps have that drab appearance. I just don't have that Apple feeling when I use the new os. It looks like some cheap app that you buy and quickly uninstall. Really disappointed! Not enough new there to get me to install it on my phone. Probably will keep my old os as long as I can. I think that Apple will find that if they want to be more Android or Windows looking...people might decide to change over to those and save a lot of money. That's all...disappointed Apple user.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums..

    The merits of the iOS 7 redesign has been debated ad-nauseum when it was released. There are enough people who fall into both the like and hate camps. If you fall into the like, enjoy iOS 7, if the latter, then stick with the version you already have.

    If you buy an iPhone 5C/S with iOS 7 already on it, learn to like it or use the return period to get your money back.

    If the sales number of iPhone 5C/5S are any indication, the number of people in the like camp outweigh the hate..

    Choices are good, but different people aren't going to make the same choice..

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    I like iOS 7 now that I have gotten used to it on my iPad 3, with only one exception. I hate the bubblegum style and pastel colors on some icons of the Apple built-in apps, such as Photos, Game Center, etc. The buyer can choose black, white, Space Gray/Black, or Silver/White. Why not select a color palette or style for those icons to suit individual tastes?
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    I really didn't think I'd like iOS 7's look much but apart from some minor quibbles (I'm getting a nerd tan from all the whiteness), I quickly grew to like it. The "look" is less important than how it performs, and thus the motivation for my getting used to it quickly methinks.

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