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    Question iCal sync without iCloud?
    Just got an iPhone 5s. Trying to sync with my MacBook Pro iCal. I have an older OS without iCloud capability and waiting for the new version to be released before upgrading. Meanwhile, is there a third party app that allows me to sync my calendars on iPhone and MacBook Pro?


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    There are a variety of cloud based sync services that will work for you. Google and Microsoft both have more than capable calendering services. See info for Google here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
    See info for Google here.
    Thank you but I don't want to use google calendar. I have gone to that route before, where I need to enter everything in google cal. then sync it with my phone and my iCal on computer. I need a third party app like Syncmate that I could use for syncing Android and Macbook pro calendar. There was no need to add a new calendar as a bridge. Any idea?
    UNLESS, I misunderstood you and I don't have to get google involve.

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