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    Anyone else experiencing these Ios 7 Bugs?
    App Store UPDATE APPS

    Click on the button to update all apps but they do not update and the number of apps that needs updated does not change on the screen. I then have to reboot the phone to get the thing to update the apps. I do not always exprience this, but its getting annoying.

    Visual VoiceMail

    Listening to a Voice Mail and trying to delete it or call back sometimes the Phone app will crash and I have to force quit the app to get it working again. Again I do not always experience this, but when I do its very annoying.

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    The update problem sounds like a lost connection. Rebooting re-establishes it. Does it happen in both WiFi and Cellular?

    VoiceMail -- Ditto

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    Nope, none of the above listed issues here - iOS 7.0.2 on an iPhone5S.
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    No issues here. iOS 7 on iPhone 5.

    What phones are you guys using when this happens?
    64GB iPhone 6, 64GB iPad Air 2.

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