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Thread: roll back latest os ugrade?

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    May 04, 2013
    roll back latest os ugrade?
    As I have found so many negative impacts in the latest upgrade to the os, is it possible to roll back to the previous version until I can overcome the drawbacks. There certainly are no positives for me so far.
    I have iphone 4 and iphone 3

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    The way to rollback previously was to have saved the previous iOS IPSW file and a backup of your iDevice from that particular version. However, iOS needs to verify your installation and since iOS 6 is not supported by Apple anymore once you upgrade to iOS 7, iTunes will throw up an error and you'll be stuck with iOS 7..

    The iPhone 3 wasn't eligible for iOS 7 anyway, so that's not a problem. iPhone 4 is the last model supported, so while it works, it's not going to work the best. I have an iPhone 4 as well and it isn't nearly as snappy as my wifes iPhone 5 and her iPhone 5 doesn't compare to the iPhone 5S I saw at the Apple Store running iOS 7..

    I was comparing things between the iPhone 5S and iPhone 4 and it's quite dramatic how faster the 5S is compared to the 4..

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    May 04, 2013
    I don't have any problem with the speed of operation of the apps. All that is fine with me. I don't see any need to upgrade for the glory of seeing an app start 2 seconds quicker and spend several hundred $ for the privilege. There plenty more things to waste money on than having the latest fashion.
    What I am complaining about is that these upgrades do so much damage to apps that previously worked fine and generally any improvement in one area is accompanied by failures elsewhere. Very poor way to run a company from where I sit.
    But then again they make more money than me so they only need please the easily impressed.

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    You need to be talking to the developers of the apps and ask them when they are going to update it to function properly with the new operating system.

    That is and always has been in the court of the app developers - with every operating system - this is nothing new.

    If those particular developers have gone belly up or are no longer working on their apps to keep them updated, it's time to look for another app.
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    No trouble at all with iOS 7 on my iPhone 4 ... running great, loving it.

    If your phone is nearly at full capacity, that might be the real issue ...

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