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    prior to the latest upgrade the voice memos used a date time title which is far more useful than a text title. On copying and conversion you could use the title to reset the creation date time to what it was originally. This is important if trying to use with gpx tracks. I imagine that others have found many reasons to prefer the title was auto saved using the date/time it was recorded.

    I went out and bought a iphone mic and earphone set to plug into the iphone to record memos whilst cycling. I was able to start the app and then just use the mic to start and stop the recordings safely whilst cycling with the memos auto saving as date/time titles. I was able to make over a hundred individual recording without interruption.
    Since the new os upgrade the mic doesn't work correctly as it did before and now I need to stop at each recording to press more buttons.
    This is a retrograde step from what was a very well designed operation in previous os.

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    May 04, 2013
    voice memos
    Has anyone come up with a solution to these problems preferably without wasting more money.

    I found the voice memos with the mic/phone cord was a really good way to record waypoints whilst cycling and creating a gps track (and safe - I didn't need to have the ear pods in, I just used the mike.)
    I was able to convert the sound files to wav and use the date/time titles to maintain the correct record time with the previous version of naming. As I have an old iphone 3 I hope to use that instead - glad I didn't ditch it when the screen cracked.

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