About a year ago, a relative very kindly bought me an iMac (mid 2011) model. Terrific!

Previously I had been using a 2006 machine running Snow Leopard.

Since acquiring the new machine, I found that I could no longer wirelessly sync my 4th gen. iPod. I did contact apple support - they tried pretty much everything, but no joy.

This wasn't that big an issue, it simply meant that I have to go upstairs to my den and connect via USB. I decided to live with that.

Today, out of the blue, I wandered into my den - found a message onscreen saying that iTunes was unable to sync a particular movie with my iPod. I dismissed the message and traipsed downstairs to find that my iPod was syncing with the iMac!

Now, I haven't connected the iPod to the iMac for a month or more nor had I played around with anything remotely connected with's a mystery.

I'm posting this just because it''s all rather strange, and wonder if anyone else has experienced something like this.