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    ios7 battery
    anyone else noticed that the ios7 battery life is awful compared to the GM release? i know the builds are meant to be identical but im having to charge my phone everyday now rather my battery lasting the 2/3 days it would normally and im probably using my phone even less lately

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    Mine looks about normal power consumption so far. Have you checked your notification settings and the like? I find that this can have a big effect and the settings don't always remain the same between release numbers.

    ETA: I mean my 5S has about the same battery life as my 5 did, for clarity

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    No difference here either and I generally am on the air using cellular which does eat the battery faster.

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    A 5s (you lucky dog) has a slightly larger battery than the 5, presumably to compensate for the slightly-increased battery usage.

    On an iPhone 4, I'm seeing a little bit more battery use -- even after I've turned off "background app updating" and things like that. I have to assume it's due to the vast amounts more white (which I assume uses more power than black) in iOS 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pibolar View Post
    anyone else noticed that the ios7 battery life is awful compared to the GM release? i know the builds are meant to be identical but im having to charge my phone everyday now rather my battery lasting the 2/3 days it would normally and im probably using my phone even less lately
    Try this, it worked for me:
    A Developers fix for battery life on iOS 7

    Updated: July 29th, 2013

    I know a lot of you are complaining about battery life, so I've decided to make this thread and point out how you can get your battery life back to what it was, if not even better then when you were running iOS 6. I'll keep updating this as a filter through log files.

    It's not an easy process, and it took a little bit of reading through log files and testing to figure this out. Please follow this advice carefully.

    This will fix 99.9% of your battery problems. I've fully tested this myself with several devices (including older generations)

    Instructions: (Each instruction has an explanation below, the numbers do not signify any form of order)
    1) Install each beta as NEW.
    2) Sign out of all signed in services (see below for list), then sign back in.
    3) Location services (if turned on): Disable Popular, Frequent Locations, Location iAds, WiFi Networking.
    4) Turn off Bluetooth unless needed.
    5) Do not use the new "live" wallpapers.
    6) Turn off "Background App Refresh"

    User friendly explanations:

    1) Avoid OTA updating the betas.. but if you must, reset all media/content via General -> Reset. The way iOS 7 handles OTA updates may cause some compatibility issues if you've already installed apps, services, etc. Fresh install without OTA/backup is the fix at the moment.

    2) This will clear any IdentityServices issues. Currently iOS 7 has a bug with authentication/identity services which clears after logging in and out, then back in. You may sign in again once ALL services are signed out.

    3) This will clear out LocationServices bugs on first use. Right now iOS 7's geofencing and other location services (including the new ones) are not working right and WILL drain your battery. This fixes that issue while still giving you nearly full location services access.

    4) Since iOS 6 Bluetooth is automatically enabled (with no icon) and you must manually turn it off.

    5) Yes, the new wallpapers are battery hogs. Right now, they cause severe drain and logging issues (As seen under diagnostics) so for now, stick with a standard wallpaper. By the time iOS 7 is out, I'm sure this will be fixed.

    6) Currently not working as intended, instead leaving apps completely running as code is not optimized. Turn this off and you will notice a huge improvement (and wont affect multitasking!).

    Sign out services list: (Once you've signed out, you can sign back in!)

    iTunes/App Store
    Find Friends
    Find iPhone

    Enjoy your awesome battery life!
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