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    IOS 7 - Music extremely cluttered....any fix?
    Hey everyone,

    I just upgraded to IOS 7 on my iPhone 4S. Before, I had about 10 bands on my iPhone with whatever albums I owned from them, and it was great because only those 10 showed up and it was therefore easy to navigate and orderly.

    Now with IOS 7, to my dismay, ALL of my music shows up in the Music app, and it's sort of confusing as to what I have on my phone and what I don't. Some things have a "cloud" icon next to them and play when I hit play. Some things don't have a cloud next to them and play. Some things have a cloud next to them and do not play. I'm very confused as to what music is actually on my phone taking up memory now, and what is just on iCloud cluttering up my screen.

    Is there any way for me to remove all of it and just put back the bands that I want like I had in IOS 6? I tried syncing using Itunes but as always that process is like pulling teeth.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Well this is very easy: the ones with the cloud icon next to them are not on your iPhone.

    There, told you that was easy!

    It sounds like you may have signed up for iTunes Match, though I think you would know if you'd spent the $25 annual fee ... (EDIT: see below)

    All I can tell you is that if I want to see what albums I have on iOS 7, I open music and touch "albums." No cloud icons, because I don't have iTunes Match yet and I sync playlists through iTunes. I don't know what you're talking about "syncing using iTunes is like pulling teeth." That's never been my experience, and I have a lot more than 10 bands on here. See screenshot below:


    EDIT: I had a look through my own Music app on iTunes and saw a handful (literally like 8 items) that had a little cloud icon on them. I immediately recognized them as songs that I put on my iPad (I keep very few music selections on the iPad, and I back it up to the cloud). So there seems to be and iTunes in the Cloud thing going on that makes music that is on one iOS device available to the other iOS device on demand (thus the little cloud symbol). I guess that must be what's going on with your situation

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    Settings > Music > you can turn off 'Show all music'

    Same for Videos. Settings > Video you can turn off 'Show all videos'

    Hope this helps!!

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