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    Sep 19, 2013
    iMessage not working properly on iOS7

    So I updated this morning (iPhone 5), and I have a problem with my iMessage. First of all, I have the absolute worst luck with technology in general, and I had a defective iPhone 4S in the summer, got an iPhone 5 replacement under warranty, and now I need to get this phone replaced again because my data randomly stopped working, and Apple said they would replace it. I'm waiting for this weekend, so I can get the 5S because that might not use as much battery with iOS7. So currently I can only send texts, and iMessage when I am on wifi.

    Anyways, right now, my iMessage is only sending to my friends from my email. None of my other friends are having this problem. I went into the Message settings to iMessage/send and receive, and I can tap my email addresses to use them for iMessage, but my phone number is light gray and I can't tap it. When I untap all my emails, iMessage completely stops. This is a huge problem, as lots of people don't have my email, and I am not getting a lot of texts today.

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    Sep 19, 2013
    And now it's working fine! So weird. I went into the settings again and now only my phone number is selected, not my email.

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