Basically, about a month ago, my parents changed internet providers (from Rogers to Bell). Apparently my rogers email address was affiliated with their services, because when they canceled, I unexpectedly lost access to my email address. Even though I have rogers at my house, I set my email up years and years ago when I still lived at home.

I got myself a gmail account (better anyway), and changed it on all my things (iTunes, iCloud, AppleID). Everything has been fine until I updated my iPhone to iOS7 last night. This morning my iCloud won't work.

In settings, iCloud, it prompts me to enter the password for my old Apple ID with my old rogers email address. I've tried entering my password and it says the ID or password is incorrect (the password is not incorrect). I tried deleting the account to log out and sign in with my current one, and it won't let me proceed without entering a password. On my macbook I can log into iCloud with my current email/Apple ID with no problems. I cannot log in using my old email/Apple ID. I should mention I have no access to the old Rogers email account at all.

Over the phone, tech support was a bit stumped but a supervisor was looking into it. I'm waiting for a call back. He couldn't find my old account Apple ID but could see my new one. My old one no longer exists.