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    Exclamation Call Forwarding TO my iPhone5
    Hi -

    I just forwarded my office phone to my personal phone because the former is on the fritz.

    Is there a way I will be able to distinguish between a forwarded call (business call) and a call to the "regular" number on my iPhone 5 (personal call)?

    Thank you!

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    Hmmm. If the forwarded call always showed in Caller ID as coming from your office, then yes -- simply assign a different ringtone to that number.

    If Caller ID shows the originating number of the call, then I can't think of any way to "separate" them offhand, sorry.

    EDIT: Hey wait a minute -- isn't there an app called "Line 2" that essentially gives you a second line? If so, then forward the office phone to the "Line 2" number.

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