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    GPS tracking apps
    Anyone know of a decent and reliable GPS app that will track/record your route, and then save it for recall for another time (in case you forget how to get there, or the route you took is a shortcut not available in the app). Or share it with friends via same app, or connect it with Google maps. Thanks.
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    The iTunes App Store has several real nice GPS apps that work with your iPhone or iPad, however, many of these Apps while initially inexpensive, charge extra for necessary add ons such as voice or turn by turn directions.

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    Thanks, I figured as much. But there are a lot of GPS apps in the App Store. To go through all of them to find the specific requirements I'm looking for would be far too tedious. Hence why I'm asking if anyone knows of an app that meets my specific requirement. For normal GPS play by play directions, Google Maps does a decent job of that. And it's free. But it doesn't record your route. It just gives you A route based on limited criteria. ie. No highways, Toll, or Off Road. Shortest or fastest route. I have a Motorcycle app that records your route, and shows and saves it on the in-app map. As well as records distance, and time of travel. But that's it. You can't recall it to give you turn by turn directions. Or share the route (with directions) with your friends.

    What I'm looking for is something very specific. Say a friend gives me direction of a route that he's found to be much faster, with less traffic, and very scenic. A route that pretty much all GPS apps won't give you (it's not part of their database). So what I'm looking for is an app that will track my route, based on how I follow my friend's specific directions, from beginning to end. So when I get there, it remembers that route, I can then save it for later use (in case I forget how to get up there again), or share the same direction with friends who want to come up to his cottage in the middle of nowhere. As well as reverse it, so that it gives me the same directions but going back home. But with dozens, if not hundreds of GPS apps available, there must be one that does what I'm looking for. And someone should know, at least point me in the right direction. ie. a name of a software company or an app to look into. Or by their own experience with the app itself.

    The GPS apps I've managed to find that records your route and saves it, either has terrible ratings, too expensive (in terms of apps) and gives little information about the app, or it doesn't give turn by turn directions. I, like some, don't just buy apps to see if I like it or it will suite my needs. I've wasted enough money on useless apps in the past.
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