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    iPod Touch 2G redsn0w Jailbreak Problem
    Hello pplz,
    Jailbreaking never worked for me before, but now it finally worked on Mac OSX Lion. Well, not really. I used redsn0w to jailbreak it, and it worked and showed all of the text code stuffs on the screen and then the redsn0w pineapple .. but then, when the apple logo load screen came up, and the loader appeared, the loader froze! It is stuck on this screen with the silver apple and the frozen loader! GRRRRRR!!!!!!! Then I put it back into DFU mode or whatever and retried it again, and, again, it showed the text stuffs and th pine' but it froze again on that apple with the loader screen. Then, I tried the "Recovery Fix" option, and still, same problem!!! GRGRGRGRRRRRRZZZZZ!!!! Someone help me plz? Need 2 jailbreak mh iPod.

    P.S. I have iTouch 3G 8GB model no. A1288 (which I think is the same as the iTouch 2G, except the power button is more "clicky" >_>...), iOS 4.2.1. My Mac = MacBook Pro (latest & cheapest model from November 2011), running Mac OSX Lion (NOT MOUNTAIN LION)!!!

    P.P.S. It is very hard to find answers on this, it already took very long time to actually jailbreak the iPod, until, after years of searching, I finally found out how!!! But, I decided instead of taking years to find the answers, why not just ask all the "Apple Computer Professionalz" instead? Ok, thanks so much pplz!!!

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    Why do you "need" to jailbreak the iPod touch exactly?

    Clearly the jailbreak method you're using isn't working, despite your claim that it is. If I understand your specs correctly, you're talking about a 2008 second-gen iPod touch, so you're already at the max iOS version that unit can run.

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