Ok guys and gals here's the question. We have ipad minis in our patrol cars that each officer was issued and most of us have iPhones as well. When we are out on patrol a lot of us pair the two to get Internet and what not as it is faster then the in car wifi that comes through our radios. The question we have is, is there a way that we can "push" the SMS texts and phone call to show up on ipad instead of switching from it to our phones. The iMessages come straight to the ipad and we love that concept. We have seen stuff about google voice and it doesn't impress us as google is so unsecured any more. Our iPads are just plain wifi enabled and have no phone or data service. The department wanted to get the nicer ones but, the ones who be wouldn't go for the higher price. All and all the ultimate goal is to make our iPads a big remote copy of our iPhones to consolidate it down to one device to look at instead of switching between the two. We integrate the iPads into our car stereo as it is now to have surround sound(fords new car stereo kicks ***** in police models now) for our iTunes and also the GPS feature through our dispatch/report system we have through the iPads. If anyone has any ideas or knows of an app, please let me know. Thanks everyone.