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    Google Maps for IOS - route colour and directions between 2 dropped pins?
    Having immense problems in Google Maps, trying to work out how to get directions between 2 places, neither of which is my current location.

    When I drop a new pin (or rather "teardrop"), the default directions/route are from my current location to that place. But what if I want to find the directions between that teardrop and another place? How can I drop a second teardrop for the other location?

    Secondly, routes in the app appear as a series of blue dots, and my current location is also a blue dot, making it next to impossible to see where I am on the route. Is there any way to change the colour of either the route or my location?

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    No ideas, anybody?
    I haven't yet found any answers through web searches, but I figured someone might have worked it out through using the app.

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    You can't, is the short answer. You can only drop one temp pin.

    You need to mark one as a favourite in order to do what you want

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
    You can't, is the short answer. You can only drop one temp pin.

    You need to mark one as a favourite in order to do what you want
    A bit more time-consuming but very easy - thank you!

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    Selecting route from contact A to contact B
    I found the only way to do this (selecting a contact or bookmark rather than having to type something in and hoping it will find it) is to install iMaps+ which gives you google maps and access to your contacts. To go from contact A to B simply select contact A and press go from here, then press back, then select B and select go to here, then select route.
    Neither Apple nor google have incorporated this but iMaps+ works intuitively. If you do this in apple you lose contact A when you select B. In google it is far worse, they removed the ability to select a contact or bookmark entirely!
    So add this app and use it to go from A to B and for streetview, and use apple to navigate, from current position, and you have pretty much everything covered.

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    Any particular reason not to use Apple Maps for this?

    I do something akin to this all the time: pick a starting place and end point, get directions. When I have reached End Point A, I then ask Siri (or Maps directly) to plot from current location to End Point B, and so forth. Of course this relies on me having cellular data, but it works remarkably well.

    (Apple Maps not currently any good for transit directions, but for driving it is SUPERB in every city I've been in, which has been a fair few this year!)

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