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Thread: Is it too much to ask..... Outlook Alternative for iOS

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    Angry Is it too much to ask..... Outlook Alternative for iOS
    I've been a Mac user for about 5 years now. I've also had Parallels for the sole purpose of running MS Office. I can find no solid iOS alternative that supports:
    * Exchange email, Contacts & Calendar bi-directional sync
    * 2 Google email, Contacts, Calendar bi-directional sync
    * Hotmail, not contact or calendar sync
    * Native Mac app
    * I'm willing to pay if it works

    I need multiple emails, calendars and contacts in my profession. Outlook for Win works but it crashes/hangs constantly. I can't get Thunderbird to work and the integration is super messy. Are there alternatives or am I stuck?

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    No alternative that I know of unless you're willing to give up your iOS devices and switch to a Windows phone or tablet. Microsoft has really fallen down here by not fully supporting iOS. Maybe that's one reason why Ballmer is leaving.

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    Well, I dont necessarily blame MSFT for this. I see this as a giant market opportunity with unfulfilled demand. I just can't believe there isnt a good alternative at this stage.

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    P.S. The reason Ballmer is leaving is because if you invested $1000 when he took over, it would be worth $898 today. But if you invested that same $ in Apple, Google FaceBook, etc etc then it would be worth _____. Not saying that Google or FB was even here but you get my point.

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