[Posting this in OSX & iPhone forums, hope I don't get in trouble!!]

Not sure of the iPhone's iOS version (the wife has it..), but I updated it to the latest a few days ago. The computer is a 1st gen Mac Pro 1,1 (purchased in 2006) running Lion 10.7.5. I also have an iPhone 5 that is synced to this computer without issue (I figure it's worth mentioning, because I may be experiencing device conflicts).

Anyway, this has been going on for a while now: I'll happen to look at iTunes & it will show my wife's iPhone 4 connected to it & it will say it's syncing when the device hasn't been connected in weeks. I only recently realized that this is more than a minor nuisance when I had to preform a restore to her phone. iTunes had overwritten her actual backups with the 'ghost' backups which, of course, contained nothing. She lost all of her contacts & other various, less crucial data.

Anybody have this happen besides me? Any suggested fixes? TIA!