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    How do I save my texts if I need to do a DFU (firmware) restore?
    Hi, I have an iphone 5 and it's been acting weird on me lately...imessage isn't working, I'm not receiving texts from many of my friends, my wireless is sometimes erratic, apps have been crashing...basically multiple things are wrong with it.

    I brought it into the apple store yesterday and they said that there was an issue with my firmware (springboard I think they said) and that I'd have to do a DFU restore. The problem, they said, was that I would not be able to back up my texts. A DFU restore is a complete nuts and bolts restore so I can't restore from a backup or I could just be perpetuating the problem. Now, I can drag and drop my photos and videos onto my desktop, but I don't know how to save my notes (and there are a bunch of important ones in there) or my texts...which go back 5-6 years. Many of my texts are business related and I occasionally need to reference them. I can't afford to just toss them all out and hope I never need them again.

    Is there a way to do a DFU restore and still save my notes and texts? The apple guy said that I couldn't do a DFU restore and then a normal restore because it would bring the glitch with it...but if you can't change the firmware without doing a DFU restore I don't see how a subsequent standard restore would affect anything since it's not able to change the firmware. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Actually would this work? I have an old iphone 4s. Could I update the 4s with all my photos and texts etc and then restore my iphone 5 off of that?

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