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    Find My iPhone
    Today I lost my iPhone - Find my iPhone said it was in my home.

    I rang it and it was ringing but must have had the ring turned off - something I do not do.

    A search did not reveal this phone. so I went out and used a cafe wi fi which revealed the phone in a bar I went to earlier - in the pub it indicated that the phone was in the yard where I had been sitting - not found

    I return home and find it says it is here which is not.

    If it was at my home this would have been indicated when I was in the cafe

    When in the bar serial searches indicated the yard outside the bar building

    Some advice as to why when I am at home the system thinks my phone is here.

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    Sadly things tend to get confused like that. Cant help you bro. Sorry...

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    you should be able to make the phone play an alert tone even if the volume is switched off.

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    1. It sometimes takes Find My iPhone up to a full minute to refresh itself from the last known location.

    2. The alert tone WILL play even if the volume is switched off.

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