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    Contact photos
    Today I tried to add the appropriate photo from iPhoto to a contact in Contacts on my Mac. I could resize the picture and apply it to the contact, but it would only stay there briefly before deleting itself. The only way that I have found that works is to email the picture from iPhoto to my iCloud account, open it on my iPhone, save it to my camera roll and then edit the contact on my iPhone. The phone then syncs with the computer and everything is fine. There must be an easier way?

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    The first method you described should work correctly. I just tried it on my Mac, I opened iPhoto and Contacts. I chose a picture in iPhoto and dragged (drug?) it to the square box on the contact card where the picture should go. After a moment it offered me the resizing option, which I used, and clicked done.

    Closed Contacts, re-opened it to the same person, picture still there. Opened my iPad, looked up the same guy, it was the old picture for a moment but then it was replaced by the new picture.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have since discovered that Contacts will accept some pictures from iPhoto but not others. I may eventually find out the reason, but for now I've just used the email method for those contacts that that required it.

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    If you are storing RAW format pictures in iPhoto, Contacts will not accept those for thumbnails I believe.

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