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Thread: PDF Reader for iPad with good scrolling

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    Jul 27, 2011
    PDF Reader for iPad with good scrolling
    Hi everyone

    I am also searching for a PDF Reader with more sophisticated scrolling.

    I am a singer/solo performer with guitar. I want all my repertoire to be stored on my iPad and readable during performance while I am playing, i.e. hands-free.

    Songs with backing tracks are no problem as I have found a plug-in to iTunes that allows me to turn my MP3 backings into karaoke files, with chord symbols inserted into the text.

    BUT my big problem is those with no backtrack. I want to display my vocal lead sheets as PDF's and since some of them are 2 or more pages, I need to PDF to scroll. Continuous scrolling would of course be nice, but the bottom line is the scroll SPEED. I need to (1) be able to have a speed control for the scrolling, and (2) I need to be able to save a different speed setting for each file, as every song has a its' own tempo.

    Now there's a challenge! Does anyone know of a reader that can do this, or can a software designer improve their product to include these features? I have no doubt it is possible.

    There IS a PDF reader by Kdan Mobile Sofware that scrolls and has a speed control. However it is not continuous, and it's "one speed fits all", which is no use to me.

    I obviously also need to be able to read in full screen mode.

    Here's hoping…


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    Jul 27, 2011
    Great News!

    For the millions of people who are interested in my post (LOL!), I have FOUND the right reader: OnSong. It works with the Airturn pedals which can be used to turn pages, slow or speed up scroll, etc


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    Thanks very much for posting back, I have no doubt this will help someone with the same needs!

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