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Thread: Dual iTune accounts

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    Dual iTune accounts
    I have two iTune accounts. First one I use all the time. Second one not so much. In fact I have forgotten the login and password for the second one.

    I got two accounts because once, back when I first started with this I had trouble loging in. I thought I needed to set up a new account so I did. I downloaded a couple of apps under the second login.

    Then everything seemed to be fine and my first logon worked again so I have been using it ever since.

    Now, when I download updates for my apps it will not download the updates to two apps that, apparently, I downloaded under the second logon It tells me that I do not own the apps.

    I have contacted the iTunes people and they tell me that they cannot merge the two accounts. The Account Security people shrug their shoulders and seem to want to ignore me.

    So, how do I get the two apps transferred to my first account so I can get the updates without having to pay for them again. One was fairly expensive (EA's Scrabble).
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    Not good news.

    Have yet to hear/see a report of Apple merging 2 accounts.
    There is also no way to transfer purchases between accounts.

    Two options.
    You either continue updating those 2 apps using the Apple ID they were purchased with or you re-purchase them under your primary ID.
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    EA *routinely* discounts its casual game titles around holidays. I would just wait a bit and see if they do one for Father's Day or Fourth of July and re-buy the EA title under your "regular" account then. Likewise your unspecified other app -- if it's just the two apps it's probably worth re-buying (on sale) to save the hassle.

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    I had the same problem. I had one iTunes account for my older iPhone 3G (back in 2007 and haven't used since 2009) and now a new account for my iPhone 5. I asked the Apple techs the same question about combining both accounts and got a definite "NO". Needless to say I had to repurchase all the old apps and songs from my iPhone 3G for my iPhone 5.
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    Dual iTune Accounts
    Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    I contacted the vendor for the second app (submarine hunt) via email and he was nice enough to send me a promo code so I could dl the app under my first account.

    Now I will contact EA and see what they are willing/can do to help me. As it is not one of the .99$ apps I would like to solve the problem with paying again for the app.
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