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    I've been having a frustrating 'ol time episodically, trying to figure out how to manage the Favorites list of FB Chat on the iPad. There is a remarkable dearth of relevant information out there! Today however, I managed to achieve my aim -probably quite inelegantly -but effectively.

    If you have an iPhone, you probably have the FB app on that also. On the iPhone, FB chat allows one ability that the iPad app does not: it allows you to edit your Favorites list. On the iPhone then, click on edit beside Favorites. You'll quickly see how to add, delete and reorder your Favorites within that list; make whatever changes you wish and click Done.
    Back on your iPad then, you'll see that nothing has changed. No problem. In the main menu (on the Left) simply scroll to the bottom, select Logout, wait a few seconds, then log back in. In just a few seconds, you'll see your newly rearranged and fully edit Favorites list reappear, exactly as you arranged it on your iPhone. Job done.

    Hope that's of help to anyone that has suffered a similar (albeit minor!) frustration ;-)
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    Any idea what to do if one doesn't also own an iPhone? It's so frustrating!

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