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    Google Calendar events show up...but not iCloud events
    I have up-to-date OS and iOS on my MBP & iPhone and iPad.

    I have a Google calendar which is my go-to calendar and it plays nicely with all my devices. However, today I wanted to add a calendar event on my iCloud calendar, but it does not sync.

    Basically, I added the event in Calendar on my MBP, but it does not show up on my iPhone, iPad, or in my iCloud calendar in my browser.

    I tried to turn calendar off under iCloud settings on the phone and pad, and then turning it back on. However, that did not seem to work.

    The Google calendar syncs fine across all devices. Am I missing something?
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    Have you configured Calendar to work on all your devices yet? I'm not an expert on Icloud, so someone else can jump in here for that advice.

    I do however use google calendar, on my Mac,iPad, and android, and found them a lot more user friendly. If that's already working for you id recommend to stick with google.

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