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    Notes similar to Evernote but safe

    I am searching for a notes software that is similar to Evernote but that is more secure. Recently, their servers where hacked and users report of loss of data and security problems. I don't really need the cloud, I was happy with local sync via USB between my Palm and my laptop for a long time, and that would clear up my security concerns.

    Here are my needs:
    - Notes software with clients that run on Mac OS X and iOS, iPhone app (and linux if available).
    - Secure encryption of text notes and encrypted data transfer (I am not a security expert so I would be happy about some advice what encryption is secure nowadays).
    - Local sync between Mac OS X and iPhone via USB cable, no cloud solution.
    - Availability of tags to search within text notes.
    - Attachment of images to text notes (particularly pdfs generated from iphone photos).
    - Export capability as txt files to create backups - I would like to be able to read these notes even after 10 years without the need of proprietary software just as I can read the notes that I took with my Palm back in 1998 :-)

    Any ideas?

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    Have a look at TopXNotes, and touch base with the developer James Lee. Very friendly and accommodating guy.

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