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    MIDI files or band files TO iPad
    Is there anyway on earth to try to get Apple to to provide an easy way to get MIDI files or at least Garage Band files TO a 1st gen iPad. (NOT FROM iPad to Mac but pre-existing MIDI files TO iPad) I have literally thousands of hours of work that I would really not have to redo on my iPad in order to utilize them and I just can't figure out how to make that happen. I hav e converted MIDI files to .band files and they do not appear on my iPad after it have been sync'd. HELP, HELP, HELP!!!

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    I haven't had an iPad 1 in a long time now so I'm not sure I can remember but:

    1. Assuming you have Garageband for iPad, I would have thought you could open such files through, for example, Dropbox or some such thing.

    2. If you don't have Garageband for iPad, I feel very confident there are MIDI file players for iPad available from the App Store that would let you drag in documents when syncing with iTunes. I do this all the time with some other kinds of apps and it works fine.

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