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    Sep 01, 2011
    two iPads , same mail on both how to turn one off ?
    I have two iPads ;
    Mod-MB293LL/A , V 5.1.1 wi/fi 32GB and
    Mod-MD942LL/A , V 6.1.3 , wi/fi , cellular , 16 GB .
    Both have a total of 4 eMail acc'ts , all mail appears on both devices . When mail is turned off on one it also no longer appears on the other .
    I would like mail to appear on one device and not the other .
    Can anyone assist me on how to "fix" this .
    Many thanks

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    Define what you mean by "turned off."

    Are these POP or IMAP-based accounts?

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    Sep 01, 2011
    By "turn off" ,I'm looking to not receive mail on one and receive mail on the other , ie; one Yahoo acc't on one iPad and another Yahoo , gmail and on the other . Currently when mail is "off" on one iPad it is "off" on both . As it is mail on one iPad gets inundated with hundreds of mails which should go only to the other iPad .
    Hoping that's understandable .
    Again, thank you !

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    Nope, still doesn't make any sense.

    In any event, just remove the email accounts you don't want from the Mail, Calendars, Contacts system preference on the iPad in question.

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