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    Can't send text over wifi (w/o bars)
    So when I have no bars, but have wifi I can't send texts.

    Just upgraded to iOS6. The iOS5 did this sometimes, but rarely.

    Everything in my Messaging settings is correct.

    Can't find an answer online.

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    No bars indicates no signal or weak signal strength.
    Move to location where you do have bars.
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    So when I don't have service, but I'm fully connected on wifi - I can't send texts?

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    Texts are sent over the cellular service, not WiFi. If you don't have a cell signal, you can't send or receive text. In that case, you may want to resort to email or a web based messaging client.
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    Not to confuse things, but iMessage can in fact send SMS-like (note the use of the term "like") messages to other iDevices on Wi-Fi. But as vansmith points out, this is not quite the same as true SMS text messages.

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