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    Taking pictures/video and storing online automatically...?
    Is there an app where if you take a picture or video it will automatically store it online vs on the phone?

    Some pictures I take I want them to stay on my phone. Other times when I alot or video clips I want it to just automatically upload online.

    I never hook up the phone to my computer so don't want to deal with syncing it that way.

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    A third-party video app might indeed be set to upload to let's say Dropbox automatically perhaps, though I don't know of any from first-hand experience. The problem with uploading video to the cloud is a) it takes a lot of bandwidth (will eat up your cell data very quickly, and even on Wi-Fi it takes an age) and b) unless you pay, no cloud-storage sight I know offers you much more than 5-7GB of space, not really sufficient for doing a lot of video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
    Thanks, pretty cool app. Is a little slow, but worth it if I don't wanna bog down my phone

    It doesn't do video though. Wish it even had a 'wifi' upload option only at least for video.

    Something like vine could even work, but I'm not sure how easy it is to download the video after if I take a ton. Or get a High Res copy later.

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