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    iTunes Artist view listing problem
    This concerns listing in the latest version of iTunes. Becausee iTunes defults to artists (people) by their first names (the illiterate not too bright method in my opionon) when I started using iTunes I carefully listed the "Artist" using last name, first name method, and things worked just fine. Later I found that if list the names in Album Artist as first name last name, the system kept things in proper alphabetical order but displayed the names in the box that shows what's playing as First Last. Even better. Then came 11.

    The listings in "songs" are still correct as are the listings in "Albums," properly ignoring articles and keeping thing alphabetized. But (there's alway a but, isn't there), in the "Artists" view, things go haywire. Some Louis Armstrong is shown as Armstong, Louis, but Alison Krauss is Alison Krauss. Some albums by the same artists are grouped by first name, and some others by last name. This makes this view pretty worthless. Why Apple can't provide a simple choice as they do in Contacts is a question for the ages.

    Any suggestions as to how to resolve this. I've read alot of, but not all, the posts on alphabetization in iTunes but find no solution. The first brain to figure this out wins a 5 pound wheel of Mother Fletcher's Mootzrella Cheese availble for pick up at the gas station in East Cupcake, New Mexico.

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    I can see both preferences have merit. You wouldn't want Jethro Tull appearing as Tull, Jethro as its a band not a person.

    However, to take the two tracks you've given as an example. If you right-click, Get Info what's in the Artist and Album Artist for each?
    Not been around these parts for a while. Trying to change that . .

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    Since I can find any artist by typing in a letter or two in the search field, I confess it's never bothered me how iTunes sorts artists. But now it is bothering me that Adam Ant is right next to Adam Sandler.

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    The problem is not a barrier to using iTunes, but it points to the illogic and disregard for standards and conventions that is dumbing us all down. You can do it the right way or the other way. Why not opt for the right way. And to chase_m, having Adam Sandler next to anything would bother me as well. Thanks for your thoughts.

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