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    Wink Facebook app Network Errors
    I am repeatedly getting "Network Error" messages when I am viewing my newsfeed on my iPhone app. These messages appear for awhile, then go away, and then reappear.

    I appear to be seeing very little new traffic but stories I do see are often repeated multiple times one right after the other from the same person!

    Clicking on the links in these posts usually does nothing instead of bringing up the link target.

    I upgraded to the most recent app released and this situation still persists.

    This happens both when connected to wifi and when using cellular bandwidth.

    What does Network Error mean? Is it Facebook's network that has the error? AT&T's network has an error (my mobile carrier)? My iPhone's has an error reaching the wifi or cellular network?

    What actions can I take to correct this error?

    What actions can I take to prevent this error?

    Thank you!

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    The Facebook app is very buggy and you will see the network error from time to time. If you have no Internet connection, you get a different error message, so network error is specific to accessing the FB site/network. Also, the stories do move around bass on who's commenting on them and stuff..

    It's just a messy app..
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    They just came out with an update today, try using that if it does not work then try reinstalling the app. If either of those do not work then you can also access the mobile site from Safari at

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