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Thread: text messages and restoring phone

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    text messages and restoring phone
    i have to restore my phone because it has been screwing up lately and this seems to be the only time i can sit down and wait for it to restore. but i am also waiting for an important TEXT mesage (not iMessage, if it makes any difference) from someone. So i was just wondering, if said person happens to send me the text while i'm restoring my phone, will i still receive the message once my phone is restored or will the text get lost?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums.

    If your phone is not a position to receive the text message (due to the restore or something else) the message will stay on the server until the phone can receive it. If this were the case, then any phone that was turned off would be losing a lot of voicemails and text messages..

    So no worries, once your restore is completed, you will pick up whatever pending stuff you have waiting for you on your carrier's server..

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