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    Question Tatoo parlor image issues
    I made a website that has JPG's of all the tatoo designs of their stick-on tatoos on it.

    This is what I want:

    1. Find image on website, click on it and select "Open with..." Then select the app that we end up choosing.

    2. Once in the app, "pinch and squeeze" to resize the image to how big the customer wants the tattoo to be, and print it.

    Problems I've run into:

    1. You can't do "Open with..." I haven't found an iPad browser that allows that functionality. You have to Save it, then go to the app, find the image and open it. I want to skip that step.

    2. None of the image editing apps I found allowed for resizing an image through pinch and squeeze. You're either selecting pre-determined pixel sizes, or sliding a bar and reducing/increasing by percentage.

    3. Even after getting the image to the right size through manually entering in pixel dimensions, when I print it, it's not the same size on paper as it is on the iPad screen.

    Here's my needs specifically:

    1. Ability to open an image from the website DIRECTLY into the app, rather than saving it and then opening it.

    2. Ability to resize the dimensions by the 2 finger pinch and squeeze technique.

    3. Make how the image appears on the iPad to be "life size" scale. Not sure if this would require messing with the resolution of the iPad or what.

    Any help would be appreciated, even if you only know the answer to part of the equation. If there's a better way to do this, or if it's not possible please let me know your ideas. Thank you!

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    What app are you trying to open the images in?

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    I've tried several apps...i-resize, resizr, photogene, photoshop express, snapseed. I'm open to anything.

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