Here is my situation and what I want to do with my iPhone 5:

I have a personal calendar and a work calendar, both GMail. I want to receive alerts for only my personal calendar, the work calendar has many items I do not need to be alerted about. As the iOS calender does not currently allow you to turn alerts off for specific calenders, I am looking for a secondary calendar app.

What I ideally want is an app that allows me to have the two calendars and simply turn off alerts for the work calendar while keeping the event in both calenders in the notification center so I can easily see all of them.

The other option I've been mulling over if having 1 app have both calendars, turn off all alerts, but leave them in notification center. Another app only have my personal calender, turn off notification center, but turn on alerts.

The problem I am having with option 2 is that most of the apps do not seem to update dynamically; I have to launch the app for new apts to show up and that is no good.

I've only been using free apps so far because I do not want to spend money on a app that I am not sure is going to fit my needs, but will happily buy the right one.

Please respond with any suggestions or recommendations... I am sure I am not the only one who's ran across this limitation of the iOS calendar app.