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Thread: Which store?

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    Which store?
    My iMac and the two iPads are "registered" in Thailand, as I live there. Up to now I could simply download updates for my apps but all of a sudden, there is a warning: "Your account is not valid for U.S. store. Change to Thai store."

    How do I do that? Can I do it on my iPad?

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    The easiest thing to do is get another  ID and open a iTunes account under the Thai store
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    Open iTunes on your Mac - not the iPad.

    On the menu bar at the top, go to Store - View my Apple ID
    Enter your Apple ID and password
    This will open your account
    There will be a listing of Country/Region and a link to change it.
    The country/region will need to be the same as the address of the country of the credit card you are using for the account.

    You might be able to do that on an iPad, but I no longer have one and don't remember seeing a place to do so, so can't give directions.
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    Thank you, bobtomay; I think I could solve the problem.

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