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    going back to iOS 3.x?
    I have a iPhone 3GS. It is jailbreaked since my operator doesn´t support iphones. I bought it with iOs3.1 which worked perfectly. I then upgrade to iOS5.1 because some apps, that I was interested in, did not work on 3.1. Unfortunatly since the upgrade I have the same problem as many other users: the phone sometimes just restarts while talking. Annoying. I did not find a solution for that on the web. But: is it possible to go back to iOS 3.x? How?
    Thanks, swenniels

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    There is no official downgrade path. But if you google "iOS downgrade" you'll get a lot of info. You, however, need the firmware for iOS 3.x and a backup from that version to restore everything. Also, virtually no recent app will work with iOS 3.x.

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    Did you jailbreak ios 3.X? If yes then then use your shsh blobs from cydia to restore. Also maybe download the firmware ipsw you want to a computer and then shift+restore thru itunes may work. Happy downgrading!!

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    Most apps require 4.2.1 or 5 to work. I know because I still have a 1st Gen Touch.

    (have a 2nd Gen too, but hate the audio quality).

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