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    Exclamation Jailbroken iPhone Update Confusion
    So I jailbroke my iPhone months back and I've been meaning to un-jailbreak it for awhile now but somehow I just have never got around to it. Anyways, I forgot about the fact that it was jailbroken (silly me) and tried to update the software. Now, I am stuck with a phone that will only beg me to connect back to iTunes. Every time I do this, iTunes instructs me to restore and update it. I tried this once for the hell of it but nothing has changed. How do I get my phone working again? I don't care if it's completely wiped when I turn it back on, I just need it available.
    Please help?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums

    When the iPhone is connected to your computer, iTunes recognizes it? What happens when you click on the Restore button? Does it go through any activity?

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    I'd try throwing it into DFU mode first then hitting restore inside of iTunes.I 've had better luck with that as its more of a last resort restore. If razors advice doesn't work give the DFU restore a go

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