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    Feb 03, 2013
    iPhoto Portrait Oriented Pics
    I'm running iPhoto 11 (version 9.4.2 - 710.42) and was copying photos from an event to a folder on my iMac. In the event most of my pics where landscape oriented, however there where 5 pics that were portrait oriented. I performed a select all, performed a copy and when pasting in my folder I noticed that the 5 portrait oriented pics could not be pasted.

    It went to another event and the same thing happened. There is s problem with copying and pasting portrait oriented pics with events within iPhoto.

    I then went and rotated the 5 pics to landscape. It allowed a copy paste, however it changed the date taken...very strange...

    As I experimented in other iPhoto events at times it allowed copy/paste of portrait oriented pics but again it changed the date....

    Has anyone come across this? Can someone else confirm this...I may have a corrupt iPhoto library?

    Any comments or feed back would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    I'm on the same version as you, and that isn't happening to me. It is quite bizarre, I've tried with photos taken from an iPhone as well as a DSLR, and they are both fine.
    By any chance have you tried exporting the photo, by going File>Export.
    Hope it helps

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    Yes, I tried Export with same results...I did create a new library and tested and it works fine. There must be some corruption with the default library...very strange

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