Alright, so I have an important email address used for work that I would like to set on my phone to have a different alert sound than the rest of my email. To my understanding this should be simple with the VIP feature for mailbox in the newest ios. I have the current version 6.2 with iphone 5.

First, I added the email to my work contact in my phone and the ringer and all that stuff is set to default (those ringer and alert sounds should only be for calls anyway). Next, I go into notifications and set the tone I want for regular email. When I get a normal email it comes in with the correct alert tone. Then I go into vip alert settings in my mailbox and set the alert to chime. Now here's the problem when I get an email from work it has the horrible alarm clock sound going off.

This is very frustrating because I need to know when work emails me, but I do not want an extremely loud annoying alert like an alarm clock. I've tried everything from resetting phone to deleting inboxes and resetting them. No matter what I do I get the same annoying alert for vip contacts.

Has this happened to anyone else? Please help!!

Thanks for all the help.