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    iphone, dropbox
    Hi I just plugged my iphone 5 into my macbook pro for the first time in a while and a message came up that said something along the lines of, "there is not enough space in dropbox to upload all your photos, purchase more storage" or something like that. My question is, does my computer automatically upload these photos to dropbox? I only use drop box for a few certain things, like sending music files to people, and I'm not very familiar with the program. Can someone please tell me if there is a way to disable this automatic upload thing. Thanks.

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    A little while back Dropbox added the option to import photos from your iOS devices directly into Dropbox..looks like you said yes at some point and so it's been importing the pictures every time you've plugged in your iPhone..

    I also use Dropbox for just a handful of things and so I opted out of not importing any pictures to it..

    To disable this functionality go here and then click on the Mac icon on top to get the instructions..

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    If you are out of space - then maybe you got it all - but for every 500MB of photos you upload - you get 500 MB of space on Dropbox - up to 3GB.
    Go check the Photos folder on Dropbox. If you see photos there - you can just delete them and get that free 3GB of space. I did this a while ago to get even more Dropbox space.

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