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Thread: How do I keep mail on iPad older than 1 month?

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    How do I keep mail on iPad older than 1 month?
    I probably don't know the proper terminology to use, but here it goes.

    I have an iPad Mini which is connected to, among other accounts, my work email through Microsoft Exchange (have no idea if that is correct...but I use a PC at work and Outlook).

    Syncs nicely and everything is great. Initially I changed the default on the iPad to Mail Days to Sync - No Limit. With 64 GB space is no problem but I don't really need mail from 2007, so changed it to 1 month. All the folders updated to the latest month and that is fine.

    Now, let's say I have an important email from work that I really want to keep more than a month. For example, a travel itinerary email. Is there a way to flag it so it does not delete? I thought of forwarding it to my Gmail, which is also synced, but wanted to check if there are other alternatives.
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    I don't know of a way to keep certain emails - maybe someone else knows. But for your particular example you could try tripit -> just forward your itinerary email to tripit - and it will keep the trip for you.
    There is an iOS app too.

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