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Thread: How to read azw3 file on my iPhone Kindle?

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    How to read azw3 file on my iPhone Kindle?
    Hello. Could anyone tell me how to read azw3 file with my iPhone4 Kindle app? Also, I would like to know how to read these files on my MacBook(OS 10.5.8).
    I have just downloaded Kindle app to my MacBook, but I couldn't read these files.. Could anyone tell me what to do? Thanks a lot!

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    Since you purchased these books from Amazon, you just re-download them (free) on whatever device you are using.

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    Amazon has been having some trouble with this new format on their own readers which have required a hard reset of the device.
    Only sometimes works by re-downloading the book.

    If you are unable to open it after downloading the particular book, would have to suggest you uninstall the Kindle app and redownload/reinstall it to see if that works.

    Have not seen this discussion pertaining to the Kindle app on devices other than their own.
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