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    Does photo stream from my iPhone to iPhoto get deleted ever?
    I'm not really clear on this. I have it set so photo stream is on, so I take pics on my iPhone and they get sent to my Mac Mini to the photo stream. Since turning it on, iPhoto has made a few new events like January 2013 Photo Stream and shows the pictures there.

    I understand that Photo STream on the phone keeps 1000 of your most recent photos, so even if you upload ones from say my Nikon D3100 to iPhoto, it pushes them out to the iPhone and that ones older than 1000 are removed.

    What I want to confirm is once they go from the iPhone to iPhoto over photo stream, the event it makes, is that permanent? Or does that get deleted ever? I'm just trying to determine if using photo stream is basically like a way to permanently keep every photo I ever take with my iPhone by automatically putting them in iPhoto for me. I just want to make sure that with the 1000 limit on photo stream that doesn't mean that iPhoto and iPhone are in sync and that the pics start being deleted from the iPhoto.

    Like can I take 500 pics on my iPhone, have them all sync to iPhoto in the photo stream, and then delete them all from my iPhone and have them stay in iPHoto forever?

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    If you have iPhoto set to automatically import from your photostream to Events in your iPhoto library then these events are permanent.
    The pictures will remain in the iPhoto event unless manually delete them.

    More info here:
    iCloud: Photo Stream FAQ

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