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    Is there a native IOS app for import, save and display data from website
    Iam searching for a native IOS (Android is a could have) app that can import data from a website and save it local. When our client publish new data on their website, the app has to see this and import the new data. The app should display this data on a nice way and in the style of the website of our client (colours, logo etc).

    The website contains the next data;

    Customers (Name, Address, Accountmanager, etc.)
    Projects (Name, Photo's, Contact employee, etc.)
    Employees (Name, Photo, Linkedin url etc.)
    News (Title, Text etc.)
    The data on the website is not all the time the same. The fields of the objects above can change per client of us.

    I hope there is an native app who can do this job for me.

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    No native app, either iOS or Android, will do this. I doubt there is any 3rd party app that is available in the iOS App Store or Google Play which will do this either. You will have to create an app for iOS or Android for this on your own..
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    Given that every website structures data differently, writing a 'universal' app for this is nearly (if not) impossible. As Raz0r noted, this will have to be a custom app especially if you want the data presented in a very specific form.

    The only thing that I can think of that would be available are apps that manage databases but that certainly won't accomplish exactly what you need (especially if the data isn't in a database).
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