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    Voice Memo lost after iPhone 4 ran out of charge
    So I was making a recording via voice memo on my iPhone 4 but it ran out of power during the recording and I heard a ding when it went off, and I though that meant it ended the recording. But then I charged my iPhone back up and the recording was only 0 seconds long. It was all deleted. Is there anyway I can get my recording back so that I can get my recording back or is technology just a btch. And when I say anyway that spans from an easy simple way to a complex expensive way done by an engineer (just in case I get rich)

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    It wasn't all deleted ... it was not saved. Recordings are saved when the recording ends, but in this case the iPhone lost power so it could not do this. I can't say it's impossible, but my firm belief is that the recording was never saved and thus never existed, so you can't recover it.

    On my iPhone, I get warnings when the battery gets low. Did you not get these?

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