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    iPhone battery apps?
    There are battery apps that give you details such as how long you have to use different things i.e - 3g, 2g, wifi browsing, 2d games, 3d games etc.

    These apps offer a $0.99 upgrade to their app for something called "full cycle charge". It is supposedly supposed to increase your battery life or something like that. These apps are mostly rated 4.5+/5. I am wondering if anyone has these apps and if they actually work?

    Also what does it do and is it worth the $0.99?


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    Scam. Fake reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macobsessed View Post
    Battery Doctor Pro doesn't work properly in my iPad.

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    aaaand I rest my case. If there was a battery app that actually made your battery better, Apple would buy it and make it standard. Conclusion: scams, fake reviews.

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