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    Icloud back ups suck
    I have had Icloud turned on in my ipad and it has been backing up right back to the 27th of december. I turned my i phone icloud on and it asked to merge notes, so i said yes as it should make both the same. no probs, My Iphone is also syncd and backed up on Itunes.
    Then when i went to open my notes that i had for quotes for the business, three of the 5 notes where gone!!!!!
    I spent over 3 hrs on the phone to mac support yesterday, restarting and restoring my ipad from icloud and Itunes, my iphone and also from time machine back ups as well. these where all dated in different days all the way back to the 21st of nov.
    After going through about 7 people and some where great thats for sure (thank you) and some where absolutely shocking and had no idea, apart from not being able to say my name in english!!!
    I ended up with the IOS so called expert team, so they tried the same things again and restored my back ups, and told me i was bascially lying as the notes that where missing should be there!! but no, one note was still there from start of nov,the other notes that where missing did not turn up at all through this whole process!!
    So the ios expert said to leave it with him and he would go through the ios engineers, all good, untill the next day when they called back and said yep we have found all the missing notes, hmmm yay!! but hang on, they are the notes i made yesterday after i talked to them!!!
    So then the tech expert came up with the resolution of saying that unfortunately the notes are missing and they can not be recovered off icloud or any where, as icloud has dumped them and there is no way to retrieve them!! real great if it is important!!!
    So i asked what the point of backing up in icloud was if it dumps notes when it should be merging notes and backing them up and then the restore won't work, simple answer. Ummm we can't do anything about it sorry!!!!!!!!
    Why trust something that they can't even guarantee is going to back up the system that you trust and pay extra for as it is apple, They can not do anything about it as it is icloud and that happens sometimes!!!
    Understanably i got pretty F*&Xed off and his only thoughts where to put me through to customer relations!! well what great relations after being put on hold for another 10 mins, the phone got cut off and over an hour later still no call back!!! well now thats great customer relations!!! NOT!!!!!

    My suggestion, DO NOT TRUST ICLOUD FOR YOUR BACK UPS!!!!!! if you value something then find a better way to back it up!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

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    Can I ask something?

    Perhaps I misunderstood something but if you have iTunes backups taken prior to switching on iCloud you could just restore them. They are held on your local machine and can't be influenced in any away remotely.

    And another one. Sure you've looked at this but prior to switching on iCloud all notes are held in the On This iPhone/iPad Account in Notes. Have you looked in the accounts page in Notes?

    Please use the reputation system if you think you've been helped - bottom left of this post

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