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    Blocking phone calls

    My boyfriend has an iPhone 3GS. And he has an ex-girlfriend who keeps calling him and texting him inappropriately. You know, late night drunk texts and calls. She's not respecting our relationship after almost 2 years even though I've personally asked her to back off nicely on a few occasions. I thought she stopped contacting him, but I just found some texts on his phone (that he didn't tell me about) when I had to borrow his for the afternoon. He wasn't trying to hide it by deleting the incredibly inappropriate messages from her, his phone isn't locked and he responded to her he wasn't interested, but she's not getting the message.

    I'd like to block her from being able to contact him via calls or texts. We have AT&T and don't want to buy the AT&T blocking program, we don't want to jailbreak his phone and don't know if there is a decent Apple App out there we can use to stop her from bugging us. Any ideas?

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    I don't know what you mean by blacklist. What's a blacklist?

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    Best solution at the moment that I have seen for an unlocked iPhone is to download a free "silent" ringtone. Create a contact called "Blocked" or "Junk" or whatever, and assign that tone to that contact. When you get a telemarketer, unwelcome caller or whatnot, add that number to that contact. The next time they call you won't even know it. I have a contact created with about 20+ numbers added to it and it has worked well enough for me in the past.

    Another strategy, if you are like me and have maybe 20 people total you ever care to have contact you via cellular phone... you can put your phone into "Do Not Disturb" mode all day long, and only allow favorites, or a particular group from you contacts to ring through. That pretty much screens out everyone unless you explicitly give them a pass. Everyone else can leave a message and I can decide who to call back if they care enough to leave a message. My phone is for my convenience, I pay for the service, and that strategy works well for me.

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    You may be able to have your carrier block a particular number, usually they will charge for that.

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    I don't believe our carriers here in the US will block a single number. They will block certain group calling numbers, incoming text messages, or off shore exchanges for an extra fee.

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    I suggest you to Install iBlacklist and add that number in blacklist feature.

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