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    Receive phone calls on ipad via iphone?
    Am I the only one who thinks that would be pretty cool? Sometimes, I get a phone call while i'm using my ipad, but the phone is somewhere else. It would be great if there's an option to transfer the call to my ipad after few rings.
    Well, if nothing else, then maybe a notice that pops up on the ipad when I get a phone call.

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    I think it would look fairly ridiculous to hold the iPad up to your head and say "hello?"

    Of course, if the "call" is a FaceTime or Skype call, then it will "ring" both devices if you have that set up to do so, and thus you can answer it on either device.

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    well, it would be like a speaker phone. You wouldn't hold it to your ear.

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    Oh THAT won't annoy anyone ...

    As I say, you cannot receive regular phone calls on an iPad. It lacks telephony circuitry for a start. So this line of inquiry is a dead end. I've already mentioned the alternative apps you can use. For a fee, you can get a (US) phone number assigned to your Skype app, which would effectively turn the iPad into a phone, but that's pretty much your only option other than FaceTime and other programs that offer the same ability to assign genuine phone numbers (ie make AND receive VOIP calls from normal telephones). As far as I know, if you have that set up you should be able to pair a bluetooth headset with it or use the mic-enabled headphones from an iPhone with it.

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