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    ibooks note on iPad
    Before I ask the question here's info about the environment my iPad runs in. I have a number of very sensitive medical electronics around me so WI-FI is not option. all data trans must be wired.

    Is there a way I can save or move notes from a book on my iBooks to iTunes or file app to download via usb to my iMac?

    Or maybe expand the Notes window to show complete note?
    then I could use screen capture.



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    Not that I know of, sorry. As should be very obvious, an iPad is DESIGNED for wireless use.

    Do you have the version that is capable of using 3G? Would that work in your environment?

    Otherwise, I think you're going to have to step outside and down to the local coffeeshop once in a while in order to use the Wi-Fi and get things in sync.

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    Option it seems I remember folks talking about a couple years ago was to highlight/copy the text you want, open up Notes on the iPad/iPhone and paste it there. Then sync the Notes via cable to iTunes and it will put the notes in the Mail app.

    The other way is to copy/paste and email them to yourself.
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    Thanks bobtomay and chasm
    I'll try both options. Home care for my wife should restart in a week or two. then I can get out to Tim's but first I'll try highlighting and copying. Such a simple idea I feel dumb for not trying it first.


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    The copy paste works beautifully. Thanks for waking me up.


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